The middle back is a combination of vertebrae from the upper and middle sections of the back and muscles that run the entire length of the back. These muscles support the spine, flex and extend the torso, move the upper limbs and head, as well as function to keep your body in an upright position.

Pain found in the middle of the back is generally the result of tired and overworked muscles due to poor posture, spinal misalignments, or a bout of unusual or strenuous activity. These conditions can cause muscle imbalance, muscle fatigue, pain, and tears. In some cases, spasms are associated with the pain and are primarily due to poor nutrient circulation to the nervous system and can be addressed by increasing circulation.

Use KT Tape to assist correct posture, relax overworked muscles, increase circulation, and promote the body’s natural healing process. You should also make improvements to how you sit during the day, assess whether a different type of mattress could be used to reduce pressure at night, strengthen your core, and consider chiropractic adjustments and massage. Seek additional care if pain becomes severe, you have difficulty standing, or breathing becomes difficult.