The three peroneal muscles, now called the fibularis muscles, are muscles at the surface of the outside of the lower leg. They serve to turn the foot out (evert) and push the foot down (plantarflex). The tendons run behind the anklebone and connect the muscles to the boney structures of the foot and ankle.

They can become inflamed or torn during acute trauma or during periods of overuse. Rarely do these tendons become inflamed or torn without damage to other tendons and ligaments, so please assess other issues as well.

Common causes include inversion ankle sprains, breaking into a sprint while off balance, or simply overusing these muscles resulting in inflammation. Other causes include poorly fit or worn footwear, excessive pronation, habitually running on embanked surfaces, excessive twisting of the ankle, and poor circulation along with malnutrition during activity. Older individuals become more susceptible to these injuries as the tendons lose their elasticity with age.

Peroneal tendonitis typically results in pain on the outside of the foot below and behind the anklebone. Symptoms also include stiffness, swelling, or a burning sensation around the back of the ankle and outside edge of the foot.

KT Tape can be a great help with pain and speeding the healing process by increasing circulation, providing stability, and relieving the pressure on this inflamed and painful tendon*. Make sure to rest the ankle and ice after any activity as well as take anti-inflammatories during the worst times. Consider using this application in combination with the ankle stability application in order to avoid further injury and provide excellent stability without the downside of wearing a brace. If pain becomes severe or the ankle becomes discolored or very swollen, please seek additional care.